Ebikes – “Changing the way golf is played!”

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Ebikes are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With electric motors and Intelligent Pedal Assist technology, they are being used for transporting light cargo, on family rides, local errands, on the back of RV’s, on the beach, and in the mountains. Many people all over the world use them to commute to work and school…saving $100’s of dollars a month on gas.

Ebikes are ideal for golf!

They are fun and they speed up the game because you can ride straight to your own ball. You no longer have to sit and wait half the time watching someone else play.

“Ebikes are the best single rider device for golf!”

Our Ebikes are designed for golf!

  • They fold up and can fit in your trunk, or you can ride them to-and-from the golf course
  • Bicycle rules apply, so no license is required
  • Fat floatation tires impart less than half the pressure on the grass as conventional golf carts
  • Intelligent Pedal Assist lets you get as much exercise as you want, or you can use all throttle and ride it like a scooter
  • Safety features include disk brakes, headlight, horn, and a brake light
  • Deluxe features include mag wheels, front shocks, a comfortable suspension seat, a USB port, and a heavy duty rear rack
  • Powerful name-brand battery easily lasts 2+ rounds

We are not advocating rushing.

Golf is a game to be enjoyed.

We just want to eliminate sitting and waiting
half the time watching someone else play golf.