The Quick-Attach Golf Bag Carrier
Patent Pending by Divnick Golf

Our proprietary quick-attach Bag Carrier fits on any ebike that has a rear rack, and it will hold any size golf bag. It can be attached and removed in 3 seconds without any pins, bolts, or levers. It tilts out and becomes a rock-solid kick stand which locks the bike to the ground on any slope, then automatically pivots back into the upright carry position when you take off to your next shot. Balance is natural…you don’t even feel the weight on the back.

The following 3-minute video is shows the features of our Universal Quick Attach Golf Bag Carrier.  We have made some improvements since this video was made such as cam-buckle bag straps which you can see in the detail pictures further below.  But the basics in the video are the same. We will update the video soon. 

“This is Winter Golf in East Tennessee. The temperature is in the 30’s but I’m loving golf on my ebike. It is so much more fun than riding in a sit-down cart. I can ride straight to my ball, get my yardage, take some practice swings, and play ready golf. Pivoting the bag carrier into the kick stand mode is fast, and is great on hills. It holds my bike on the steepest terrain. Many guys ask if it is hard to balance with the bag on one side of my bike? I tell them I can’t even tell it’s back there, even with a regular cart bag and 13 clubs. I have a basket on the opposite side with my golf stuff, range finder, water, sand towel, scorecard etc.

“I got the bike because I have foot issues. Although the throttle has plenty of power by itself, I love the freedom of riding and getting as much exercise as I want.”

Joe Grant, Tennessee USA

Our Diamondplate Rubber 6×12 inch Mudguard attaches to the front fender of fat-tire ebikes to prevent grass clippings, mud, and water from being thrown up on your feet and the bike.

Divnick Golf Bag Carrier – Patent Pending