Best Ebikes for Golf

This page last updated June 3, 2023

We challenged ebike manufacturers around the world to make an ebike that includes the 9 ideal elements for golf described below. We now have four ebikes that meet those qualifications.

  • Three of them are  folding models with 20×4 inch fat tires, which is the most popular size for golf.  The Heybike Ranger has a 500 watt motor. The Ranger S and the Vitilan U7 have 750 watt motors along with some additional upgrades. These bikes and features are discussed in more detail further down this page.
  • The third is the Heybike Explore which is a non-folding model with 26×4 inch tires for those  who can ride to the course or transport the ebike in a van, pickup, or on a hitch rack. It is described here.

These three ebikes include all 9 ideal elements for golf described below.

Which model is best for you? They are all  fantastic, but only the 20×4″ models are folding bikes which makes them easier to transport, yet rugged enough for rough terrain.

Before describing the model features, we want to show you the reasons why ebikes are the best single rider device for golf, followed by a review of the 9 features that are included to make them ideal for golf.

Ebikes are the best single rider device for golf!

This next video is specifically about the 500 watt Heybike Ranger but also applies in general to the 750 watt Vitilan U7 which has several upgrades that are explained further below on this page.  Specific features in the video are subject to change.

Our ebikes are the only ebikes that
have all of these ideal elements for golf.
The first four are the most important.

NOTE: If you are considering getting a different ebike for golf, select a bike that has as many of these elements as possible, especially the first four. 
Many ebikes have some of them, but none have all of them.  

“I researched all the step-thru fat tire ebikes that are available. Your Golf Ebikes have everything needed for golf. And the price is way below the others. You should raise your prices. I would have paid more.”

George Bruce, Levittown PA

The folding frames make it easy to transport your bike as illustrated in these pictures in a Honda Civic trunk and in the back seat of a small convertible. The folding technology is rock-solid, and provides a lower step-thru than non-folding bikes.  Click here to see a video of the Ranger being folded.

Compare the  500 Watt Ranger with the 750 Watt U7

The 500 watt Heybike Ranger is shown in the video above. The 750 watt Vitilan U7 is shown in the photo below.  They are almost identical in looks and size, but the U7 has some additional upgrade features shown in the comparison table below.  We are Authorized Dealers of both manufacturers and we sell the bikes for the same price as on their websites which includes the same factory warrantee.  Plus we provide USA-based communication and service.  

The Ranger S is a new Heybike model that competes with the U7 in performance, but at a higher price of $1499.  We will be adding more informatin about the Ranger S soon.  You are selling it now….see our Prices and Ordering page.

The primary differences between these two folding ebikes are:

  • The U7 has a heavier duty rack with flat cross bars for easier Golf Bag Carrier mounting. 
  • The U7 has a 750 watt (1200 peak watts) motor
  • The U7 has Hydraulic disk brakes
  • The U7 has a 16 amp hour LG cell battery (See ***** below)
  • The U7 has a Color display
  • The U7 has Cruise control

The following table provides the feature list of both bikes.  The upgrade features and values are in red.  U7

Which ebike is best?  

For just $50 more, the U7 provides over $600 worth of additional upgrades.  So unless you want less power, the U7 is the clear winner. 

**** The battery is by far the most expensive component in the bike, and a name-brand battery like the LG is more powerful, lasts longer, and can be recharged many more times than non-branded batteries.  Click here to see an amazing report and why a name brand battery can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Color Options

The Ranger is available in black or white.  

The U7 is available in black, white, or pink.

Our folding ebikes have everything you need for golf,
plus the following bonus upgrades that are included FREE IN June.


  • USB outlets for your phone, gps, or music speaker
  • Mag wheels so you never need to adjust spokes (and they look great!)
  • Two-tone stylish fenders
  • Suspension seats for more comfort
  • Forward-tilt seats for easy battery removal
  • Safety features including bright front and rear lights,  brake lights, and loud electric horns
  • Comfort palm grips

These additional bonus upgrades bring the retail value up to over $2,000, but they are included FREE IN June., and the shipping is FREE into the lower 48 states

The ebike that comes the closest to these features is the “Bagi Bike B10 Bold Plus” that sells for over $2,000 plus $99 for shipping. And it has a light-duty bolt-on rack that doesn’t work for the golf bag carrier.

Best Golf Ebike

“I absolutely love my Golf Ebike with the Divnick Golf Bag Carrier. I researched all the step-thru fat tire ebikes, and this one is the only one with all the features that are required for golf. On top of that, it has a 15Ah battery, front-fork and seat suspension, and mag wheels. The next closest bike I found with this combination of features was over $2,500 with shipping. I got my Golf Ebike for half that! It is easily the best ebike for golf, and at a great price. I love playing golf on my bike with your bag carrier. It’s a great combination.”  

Terry Sutton, Maryland (55 years old, 7.8 Handicap)