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Golf Ebikes challenged ebike manufacturers around the world to make a bike that included the 9 ideal elements for golf described below. Heybike not only created the Ranger folding bike with 20×4 inch tires that meets that criteria, they included hundreds of dollars’ worth of bonus features. They also created the monster non-folding Explore with 26×4 inch tiresWhen you purchase either of these ebikes from our website, we include an additional $25 discount on our Bag Carrier AND give you a $50 Discount Coupon that you can use for any of our telescopic golf clubs.

Simply stated, these two model ebikes are ideal for golf.  

Which ebike model is best for you? They are both fantastic, but only the Ranger is a folding bike. The Explore is for those who can ride to the course, or transport it in a van, pickup, or on a hitch rack while the Ranger can be folded and fit in a trunk which we show you in the FAQ’s

You can read about the Explore here. The rest of this page is about the Ranger.

The Heybike Ranger is the only ebike that
has all 9 of these ideal elements for golf.

Click on the following thumnails to read about these important components

NOTE: If you are considering getting a different ebike for golf, select a bike that has as many of these 9 elements as possible. Many ebikes have some of them, but none have all nine. For instance, the Lectric is a good entry-level bike at a low cost, but it has 3 inch tires and a 10.4 amp battery. The RadRunner is solidly-built, but it has 3.5 inch tires, a higher step thru, is single speed (no gears), no front shocks, and costs quite a bit more. The Espin Nesta has a solid rack, but narrow step-thru area, 10.4Ah battery, and costs more. Some bikes have short or no front fenders. Some have wire-frame racks.

Only the Heybike Ranger has everything you need for golf,
plus the following bonus upgrades that are included FREE THIS MONTH.
It is the best single rider device for golf!


  • Deluxe Heavy Duty Folding Frame (other ebkes are stock round tubing). It can fit in your trunk!
  • USB outlet for your phone, gps, or music speaker
  • Mag wheels so you never need to adjust spokes (and they look great!)
  • Two-tone stylish fenders
  • Suspension seat for more comfort
  • Forward-tilt seat for easy battery removal
  • Safety features including bright front and rear light, flashing brake light, and loud horn
  • Thumb throttle for more control
  • Faux leather deluxe comfort grips

These additional bonus upgrades bring the retail value up to $2,168, but is available this month for over $700 below that, and the shipping is FREE into the lower 48 states.

The ebike that comes the closest to these features is the “Bagi Bike B10 Bold Plus” that sells for $2,490 plus over $100 for shipping. And it has a light-duty bolt-on rack with an up-curve in the back that doesn’t work for the golf bag carrier.

“I researched all the step-thru fat tire ebikes that are available. The Heybike Ranger is the only one I found that has everything needed for golf. And the price is way below the others. You should raise your prices. I would have paid more.”

George Bruce, Levittown PA

Double Bonus – It has a folding frame to make it easy for consumers to transport such as in these pictures in a Honda Civic trunk and in the back seat of a small convertible. The folding technology is rock-solid, and it is also a lower step-thru than non-folding bikes.  Click here to see a video of the Ranger being folded.

Heybike Ranger – Best for Golf

“I absolutely love my HeyBike Ranger with the Divnick Golf Bag Carrier. I researched all the step-thru fat tire ebikes, and the Ranger is the only one with all the features that are required for golf. On top of that, it has a 15Ah battery, front-fork and seat suspension, and mag wheels. The next closest bike I found with this combination of features was over $2,500 with shipping. I got my HeyBike Ranger for half that! It is easily the best ebike for golf, and at a great price. I love playing golf on my bike with your bag carrier. It’s a great combination.”  


Terry Sutton, Maryland (55 years old, 7.8 Handicap)


Heybike Ranger – Best for Golf

“Thanks for the delivery of the two e-bikes for my wife and me.

I can play three rounds of golf and still have about 20% battery capacity remaining. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to ride the bike with my full set of clubs using the bag carrier that you designed. I especially like how simple it is to push on the top of the golf bag to tilt it into the kick-stand position; very easy.

I love the ability to easily disconnect the bag carrier from the bike bracket in two seconds; no need to remove any bolts or screws. The easy removal of the bag carrier helps me fit it in our vehicle.

The e-bike has helped me make the transition from walking to riding the course, but still get as much or as little exercise as I want using the bike’s pedal-assist feature. It certainly has made getting up the hills a lot easier compared to walking and pulling a cart. Our group’s playing time has been reduced significantly when each of us have our own bikes.

My Ebike is fun to ride and it speeds up the game because I can ride straight to my own ball and not have to sit and wait half the time watching someone else play.

I have had several golfers ask me about the bike. One gentleman behind us was watching, and came up to look more closely. I demonstrated all of its features, including the cool carrier-kickstand, and he purchased two bikes; one for himself and one of his wife.

My wife and I take them out on the many bike trails we have in our area. The ability to fold the bikes is a big plus for us when transporting them. We easily fit both bikes in our van to take them to the bike trails or on long trips.

Thanks for introducing me to the ebike for golf. It has been a very enjoyable experience that I recommend to others.”

Dan Townsend, Ohio

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