Last updated April 24, 2024

Quick Overview

We developed the “Golf Bag Carrier” in 2020 as a universal-fit attachment that has quickly become a global success, ushering in what many in the golf industry believe will be a major change in the way golf is played. Although the Bag Carriers fit on any ebike with a rear rack, not all ebikes can work for golf 

We have been selling two models that have worked well and have the basic necessities for golf which include:

  • A low step-thru
  • Fat tires
  • Sturdy rear rack
  • Full fenders

But beyond those basics, no ebikes have ALL the features that are IDEAL for golf.  So over the past two years, with feedback from customers in the USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, along with input from golf course managers, we have designed the GolfEbikeTM that is ideal for golf in every way from the tires to the handlebars.

GolfEbikesTM not only have all the ideal elements for golf, they are more rugged and better equipped than any other ebike for general riding.  Yet, they still meet the competitive pricing environment of general-use ebikes which are booming in popularity around the world.

Timing – We expect the first shipment to arrive in the USA by late April or early May (they are currently on a ship in transit).  If you want an ebike for golf sooner than that, or if you are in Europe, Canada, or Australia, you can purchase one of the other ebikes here.

We introduced the new GolfEbikes to the golf industry at this year’s global PGA Show in January with an emphasis on golf courses getting ebikes to rent.  It was a huge success with lots of golf courses ordering bikes.  As the rental-revenue data starts to come in, more and more courses will join the party with rental ebikes, and opening up their courses to  golfer-owned ebikes.  

Prices and Ordering – If you pre-order in April, you can get special introductory pricing shown below.

21 Unique Features on the GolfEbikeTM

Our folding ebikes are loaded with top-level components like 750 watt motors, 25 amp controllers, and mag alloy wheels, and are a beautiful gunmetal-grey metallic.  Click here or scroll to the bottom to see a list of the specifications, geometry, and weights. 

We have 21 unique features that are not found on other ebikes.  These elements make GolfEbikes the best ebikes for golf, and the best 20×4 folding ebike for all types of riding including family rides, hunting, hauling cargo, riding to-and-from work or school, trails, beaches, and local errands.  No other ebike has this combination of features, starting with the frame!

Frame – Our frame is larger and heavier-duty than other folding ebikes. The main down tube is larger and stronger, and the rear seat stay and chain stay frame  bars shown in this first picture are made with larger rectangular tubing than the standard small-diameter round tubing on other ebikes.

Longer Wheelbase – Larger Frame – The GolfEbike frame is not only rugged, it is larger and longer than other 20×4 inch ebikes which provides a more stable and smooth ride.  The wheelbase is 48.5 inches long, yet it folds into a small package!

Largest Step-Thru Space –  The step-thru space is lower and a significantly larger than other ebikes. This is very important for golf because you are getting off-and-on between every shot except putts. That can easily be over 50 times per round that you pass your foot through to get off and another 50 to get back on. GolfEbikes make that easy with an industry low-and-open step-thru space.  

The following picture illustrates the openness of the step-thru space compared to other ebikes.  We have superimposed a semi-transparent picture of the GolfEbike over a normal step-thru ebike.  The captions tell the story.

Some ebikes have the battery in the downtube and others have it in front of the seat post.  Both methods crowd the step-thru space and require you to maneuver your foot sideways to get it through.

Wider Handlebars– Our handlebars are 26.75 inches wide which is  2 inches wider than other ebikes.  This provides significantly more control.    

Rear Rack – The rear rack pictured is longer and made with larger and thicker tubing, and it is welded to the frame rather than bolted like most ebikes. It will effortlessly handle even the heaviest golf bags and a whole lot more.  GolfEbikes are essentially the first and only “folding cargo ebike.”   Other cargo ebikes are not folding and they only have 3 inch wide tires. 

Built-in Bag Carrier Mount – This ebike has a mounting plate integrated into the rack as shown.  So it does not need the “universal-fit” Bag Carrier bracket. The hinge-bracket bolts to the mounting plate with just 2 simple bolts. 

Built-in Bumper Stop – GolfEbikes have a built-in heavy duty rubber bumper that is part of the frame. It stops the bag carrier frame in the vertical carry position and prevents it from hitting the tire and brake and other left-side controls, as shown in the next two pictures below.

Super Heavy Duty Welded Rack

Extra Long Front Fender – The front fender is extra-long so you don’t need to add a rubber mudguard extension. This is important whenever the grass is  wet with dew which is just about every morning. The extra-long flexible front fender will block grass clippings from getting all over your shoes and the bottom of your bike.

Fat Tires With Golf Course Tread – Some so-called fat tires are only 3 or 3.5 inches wide.  They have knobby tread which golf course managers don’t like because they believe the tires will tear up the turf. Knobbies are also unstable on pavement, especially when they are wet from morning dew.  Wet knobbies can easily slip out from under the bike going around corners, even when riding slowly. GolfEbikes have 4″ wide tires with golf course-approved tread. They are gentle on the turf and have much better traction on pavement while also gripping firmly to wet grass, even on steep side-hills. As a bonus, the tread lasts a lot longer.

Golf Ebikes have less than half the pounds-per-square-inch impact on the turf of a golf cart, as shown here. 

Important Note As ebikes become more and more popular on golf courses, with safety and liability a major concern, we believe that golf courses will adopt “minimum ebike rules” that will require 4″ wide tires, and knobbies will not be allowed.

Battery – GolfEbikes have an industry-leading 20 amp hour battery with eith industry-best Samsung or LG cells.  Most other ebikes have 10 to 15 amp hour batteries with off-brand cells that don’t provide nearly as long a ride, and they lose their useful life 2 or 3 years sooner than our name-brand cells. The battery is the most expensive component on an ebike, so you don’t want to replace it any sooner than necessary.  This battery adds at least $300 of value compared to other ebikes.  Click here to see even more reasons this high quality batter will save you money and problems.

Class 2 or 3 Speed – GolfEbikes are shipped with Class 3 speed up to 28 mph on throttle only (faster if you pedal)*. But you can easily change it to Class 2 speed of 20 mph, or even lower if you are renting them on a golf course (golf carts are usually governed at about 13 mph).  You do not need a special license for an ebike to ride on the road. Bicycle rules apply, so consult your local road rules for ebike speed limits. (*Top speeds depend on rider weight, hills, wind, tire pressure, etc.)

Bright Color DisplayGolfEbikes have an industry-bright color display so you can see it in bright sunlight.  It includes battery life,  speed, PAS Mode, odometer, trip-odometer, average speed, and ride time. 

It has an intuitive menu that makes it easy to change parameters like the speed limit, PAS ranges, miles or kilometers, etc.

Cruise ControlOur ebikes also have an easy-to-use cruise control.  Set it by long-pressing the minus button which shows the icon (in the red box in this image).  Disengage by lightly pulling either brake.  Other ebikes with cruise control automatically engage which happens when you don’t want it to. 

“It has been my privilege to consult with you to develop the new GolfEbikes.  As a customer with one of the other ebikes for over a year and after many rounds of golf on my bike, I am looking forward to being one of the first to receive the new GolfEbike.  The new features are going to be fantastic for golf, but I am also looking forward to using the bike for rides with my family and for hunting where the super low gear will be awesome.”

George Bruce, Levittown PA

Gear Range – GolfEbikes have 7 gears using an 11 to 34 tooth sprocket-set while most ebikes have a 14-28 sprocket-set. That means GolfEbikes have a lower 34-tooth (Gear-1) for climbing steep approaches to elevated tee boxes and other hills, and a higher 11-tooth (Gear-7) so your legs are not “ghost pedaling” at high speeds like ebikes with a 14 tooth gear 7.  On a GolfEbike, you can actually add leg-speed at full throttle.

7-Level Pedal Assist – Pedal assist levels are “increments” of power. Most ebikes have 3 or 5 levels. GolfEbikes have 7 which means that you can fine tune the amount of leg-energy you want to put into your ride, from a little motor help in PAS-1 up to full power in PAS-7.

Independent Thumb Throttle – Most ebikes limit the throttle to the PAS setting.  Our thumb throttle is independent of the PAS setting. That means you have full throttle available any time which makes it easy to “accelerate up to speed before you start pedaling” or “get a run at a hill” without having to change the PAS setting. With other ebikes, you have to increase the PAS if you want more throttle. On a GolfEbike, you can throttle to the desired speed or increase speed at any time without having to change the PAS setting.  Also, our throttle is on the left so you can shift gears on the right while using the throttle. Other ebikes awkwardly put the throttle and the gear shifter on the same right side.  As a bonus,  our thumb throttle is upgraded with a comfortable rubber-pad.

Extra Wide and Comfortable Seat – Most ebikes come with seats that are 6 to 8 inches wide (150 to 200mm).  Our standard soft cushion seats are almost 12 inches wide and 12 inches long for comfortable riding (295x296mm). 

Zoom Seat Post – Our GolfEbikes have the highly rated Zoom seat post shown here.  It is stronger with a larger diameter than most ebikes and is 13.75 inches long (350mm) so it can accommodate tall riders.  It is heavy duty, smooth-operating, and adjustable for your weight. It is a significant upgrade from other suspension seat posts.

Sand Bottle Holder – Our Golf Bag Carriers come with a sand bottle holder that mounts on the GolfEbike behind the battery. It will hold all standard sand bottles, including those with handles. It is important that golfers on ebikes are good golf course citizens, including repairing divots. Golf courses will gladly provide a sand bottle for you to use.

Brakes – GolfEbikes have 180 mm diameter x 3 mm thick hydraulic disk brakes.  Other ebikes are 160mm x 1.5mm cable brakes. Ours are the highly rated Dyisland which includes adjusting thumb-screws while other brands require tools for adjustments. These independent dual disk brakes provide an extra level of safety that golf courses appreciate, and superb smooth stopping power when riding on the road.

Flashing Brake Lights – It might not seem necessary to have brake lights on the golf course, but when you are following another ebike closely, you never know when the rider might suddenly brake. The flashing brake light on a GolfEbike quickly alerts you and provides an extra element of safety.  Of course, it is also much safer when riding on the road.

USB Ports – GolfEbikes include a dedicated USB port on the handlebars for your phone, GPS, or speaker, rather than a light-amperage outlet in the display as in other ebikes. In addition, we have another heavy duty USB port in the battery which allows you to power a speaker on the rear if you want to.  As a bonus, because the battery is easily removable and has a handy carrying handle, you can use it at home in case of a power outage to keep your phones charged for days.

Rubber-Coated Pedals – Most golf shoes have plastic spikes and most ebikes have metal or plastic-coated pedals, so your golf shoes can slip off. GolfEbikes have rubber-encased pedals that securely hold your shoes, even when wet.

Water Bottle Holder – Most ebikes have a small wire-frame water bottle holder that only holds a plastic bottle or can. Ours is a deluxe aluminum wing-design that can flex out and even hold a large Yetti or Stanley tumbler.

Headlight, Horn, and Turn Signals – You probably won’t need these features on the golf course, but if you ride to-and-from the course or use your GolfEbike for any type of general riding, you will have an extra-large and industry-bright wide-beam headlight, a loud horn, and rear turn signals.

Walking Mode – Most ebikes with a walking mode require you to hold down a button. GolfEbikes allow you to start the walk mode by long-pressing the minus button, then letting go of it.  You can then stop the walking assistance by simply pulling on either one of the brakes.

Summary – Simply stated, there is no other ebike like this. All of these unique features add up to a $2,500 ebike.  But we are pre-selling them for much less, as described below.  

Introductory Pre-Order Cost Through April

When the GolfEbikes arrive in the US, the MSRP retail price will be $2495

April Pre-Order Reserve Cost 
– $1795 GolfEbike (without Bag Carrier)

– $1895 with the Bag Carrier (Bag Carriers are $219 by themselves)
    $100 discount if 4 or more (typically for golf courses)

Shipping is FREE for the ebikes to the Lower 48 States from the California warehouse.  Shipping for the Bag Carriers is $15.97, shipped from the Ohio factory. If you pay by check, we will pay the shipping for the Bag Carrier (see below).

– The ebikes come 98% assembled with all wiring and hydraulics connected, and the front tire installed.  You just have to unpack them, attach the handlebars and pedals and insert the seat post and you are ready to ride!  If you are in the Southwest Ohio area, we offer assembly, tuning, delivery, and training for $100 each.

Compare the expensive Rad Runner 3 Plus with narrower tires, the Ettrone Fuoco,  or the fenderless Murf-Higgs at $2,395 which doesn’t fold…all 3 with less than 15 Ah batteries.  And like all fat tire bikes, they have knobby tread, and not nearly as many upgrade features as the GolfEbike, especially the elements that are necessary for golf. 

What about cheap ebikes priced under $1,000? Read this caution before spending money on a cheap bike.

Pre-Order Procedure

Copy and Paste the following into an email and send it to We will let you know when we are ready to ship and need your payment.  Please make the email subject, “April Pre-Order”

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How many GolfEbikes do you want? 

How many Golf Bag Carriers do you want? 

Do you want to pay with credit card, PayPal, or check?  If by check, we will pay the shipping for the Bag Carrier.  Either way, we wills end the specific payment instructions with our confirmation.

How did you learn about our GolfEbikes? Please be as specific as possible. If you were referred by someone, please include their name.

If you are a golf course, what is your website address? 

Referral Commissions

We are paying $100 referral commissions whenever you refer someone who purchases a GolfEbike.

Showing and demonstrating your ebike and bag carrier to golfers on the course is natural and fun. But as an added incentive, we will be paying $100 commissions for every GolfEbike sale that you refer. Our hope is that you will also send, “Look what I have found…” emails to your friends and others, and post some pictures on social media. We have printable hand-out cards and other helpful items to make referring easy. This is a great way to completely pay for your ebike(s). If you want to earn referral commissions, please send an email to and let us know so we can register you in the referral program.