We are providing GolfEbikes for Charity Golf Outing Hole-In-One Contests at no cost to the charity and no need to find a sponsor! —– Non-Charity Golf Tournaments Can Also Participate*

We want to add some contest excitement to your outing and show our GolfEbikes at the same time!

*This contest is available for all charity golf outings and most course tournaments.  Please inquire if you have any questions about participation.

Outing and Tournament Responsibilities

There is no cost or insurance fee to include the GolfEbike Hole-In-One Contest at your event.

The following are your only requirements.

  1. You will be responsible to make a sign at least 2×3 feet for the contest hole, and print 1 page (8.5×11 inch) color hand-outs for each player’s cart bag or packet. We will provide PDF’s for these items.
  2. Promote the Contest on your event website and other pre and post event promotional materials.
  3. The contest hole needs to be at least 140 yards. There are no minimum requirements for the number of players at organized events.
  4. Second Shots do not count.
  5. You will need to provide a witness at the contest hole at least 18 years of age who will sign this affidavit form if someone wins.  Or, if one of our customer-volunteers is available to bring an ebike, he or she can be the witness.
  6. If your event produces a winner, we will promote it and your charity in various public media. You will need to provide pictures of the winner beside the sign.

This program is only available in the Lower 48 States.

Sign Up – Register

If you would like to offer the GolfEbike as a Hole-In-One Prize at your event, please send an email to  with your event details including the date, location, and any brochure or link about the event, and approximately how many golfers you expect for your event.

We will send the sign and hand-out PDF’s described in the “Outing Responsibilities” above.

We look forward to helping you add some excitement at your event this year.

Steve Divnick
937-384-0003 (Eastern)


We also have a way that you can add $1,000 to $3,000 revenue to your outing using our giant BIG STIK Driver.  Everyone gets to hit it on one of the Par 5’s for a donation.   “You can hit the ball a country mile, you just don’t know what country it will land in because it is WILD and CRAZY!”  The BIG STIK will add fun and revenue to your outing.

In additon to donations at the contest hole, it is easy to get a contest-hole sponsor for additional revenue.  We have all the details in a turn-key package.

See for more details and videos.

Below are some  photos from a golf outing in Cincinnati Ohio with some of the city’s sports celebrities in attendance.

If you are connected to any charity golf outings, please let them know that they can offer our GolfEbike and Golf Bag Carrier as a Hole-In-One Contest prize at no cost to the outing.  You can refer them to