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Note – The ebikes and reports on this page are largely about the Golf Bag Carrier mounted on customer’s ebikes.  If you don’t already have an ebike, we invite you to look at the absolute best ebike for golf, designed from the ground up for golf. Click here to read more about it.

“I absolutely love my ebike with the Divnick Golf Bag Carrier. I researched all the step-thru fat tire ebikes, and this one is the only one with all the features that are required for golf. On top of that, it has front-fork and seat suspension, and mag wheels. The next closest bike I found with this combination of features was over $2,500 with shipping. It is easily the best ebike for golf, and at a great price.”

Terry Sutton, Maryland (55 years old, 7.8 Handicap)

I Love My Golf Ebike!

I can play three rounds of golf and still have about 20% battery capacity remaining. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to ride the bike with my full set of clubs using the bag carrier that you designed. I especially like how simple it is to push on the top of the golf bag to tilt it into the kick-stand position; very easy.

I love the ability to easily disconnect the bag carrier from the bike bracket in two seconds without any bolts or screws. 

The e-bike has helped me make the transition from walking to riding the course, but still get as much or as little exercise as I want using the bike’s pedal-assist feature.

I have had several golfers ask me about the bike. One gentleman behind us was watching, and came up to look more closely. I demonstrated all of its features, including the cool carrier-kickstand, and he purchased two bikes just like I did; one for himself and one of his wife.  And the referral commissions are great…help me pay off my own bikes.

We take them out on the many bike trails we have in our area. The ability to fold the bikes is a big plus for us when transporting them. We easily fit both bikes in our van to take them to the bike trails or on long trips.

Thanks for introducing me to ebikes for golf.  I recommend it to others.”

Dan Townsend, Ohio

Ebike and Golf – The Perfect Stroke-Rehabilitation Program

“I had a stroke on Saint Patrick’s day of 2022. While I was in the hospital, I got the idea of using an ebike on the golf course and thought it would be great for my rehabilitation. My doctor agreed and even wrote a prescription to do it.

I found your website and learned about your ebike and bag carrier system, and that you weren’t that far from me. When I came to your workshop just a couple days after I got out of the hospital, I was still very unsteady and concerned about my balance. But I got on the Ranger and once I started moving I instantly felt secure. As I rode it up-and-down the road I just knew I had to get one of these!

It has been about a month since I took delivery of my Ranger. I have taken it golfing 5 times and I am able to play 18 holes without issue. It is very stable with the golf bag. If it wasn’t for the clubs jiggling around in the bag I wouldn’t even know they were there. I pedal when I want to and I let the bike do all the work when I am tired. I have not experienced any discomfort. In fact, I’m enjoying the low intensity workout that is increasing my stability and endurance. I am riding my ebike almost every day. It’s enjoyable, relaxing, and a good workout.

I recommend the Ranger to anyone interested in an ebike for general use, and it is especially great for golf. Beyond that, I highly recommend it for anybody who has had a stroke or other medical condition and is in the process of recovering. Unlike traditional rehabilitation, this is very rewarding and enjoyable.”

Clifford Woolfork, Ohio

“This is Winter Golf in East Tennessee. The temperature is in the 30’s but I’m loving golf on my ebike. It is so much more fun than riding in a sit-down cart. I can ride straight to my ball, get my yardage, take some practice swings, and play ready golf. Pivoting the bag carrier into the kick stand mode is fast, and is great on hills. It holds my bike on the steepest terrain. Many guys ask if it is hard to balance with the bag on one side of my bike? I tell them I can’t even tell it’s back there, even with a regular cart bag and 13 clubs. I have a basket on the opposite side with my golf stuff, range finder, water, sand towel, scorecard etc.

“I got the bike because I have foot issues. Although the throttle has plenty of power by itself, I love the freedom of riding and getting as much exercise as I want.”

Joe Grant, Tennessee USA

“Once you get acclimated to using the bag carrier/ kick stand, you will marvel at its function. There is a very short period required to master its use (you should have it by the end of the first few holes) but once you “get it” it becomes as simple as loading your golf bag on a golf cart. Friends (golfers and non-golfers alike) are amazed at the function of the carrier/stand. It easily attaches to the bike and your golf bag is easily secured to the stand. It’s as simple as ‘Get off the bike, Tilt the stand, Pick a club, Hit the shot, and Get back on the bike.’ I love this golf bike and bag carrier!”

Rod Brecheisen, North Carolina USA, (70 years old, 5 handicap from white tees)

“I want you to know how pleased I am with your Golf Bag Carrier. I thought it might make it difficult to balance since it is hanging on the side of the bike, but balancing is automatic just like you said. I can’t even feel it. Before getting your carrier, I used a tow-behind 2-wheel cart, but it was tippy, noisy, and I had to put my bike’s kick stand up and down between every shot which was a real hassle, especially on uneven ground. Your bag-carrier-as-kick-stand feature is fast and stable. It works smoothly and is quiet. 

“My ebike with your bag carrier has given me the opportunity to continue to play golf when I thought I might have to give up the game. As an added bonus, I can ride my bike to and from the course which saves on gas. My home course has several steep hills and I just can’t walk the 18 holes any more. But I do still want to get some exercise while I play, and using a sit-down cart doesn’t provide that. My ebike with pedal assist is the perfect solution. I get just as much exercise as I can handle, and that is good for my health, and will keep me playing the game I love for many more years. So they are actually getting more money from me!

“If the exercise, speed, and convenience wasn’t enough, I’ve crunched the numbers and it will pay for itself in 1 or 2 years just in cart-rental savings. That might not be exciting news for golf courses, but I am paying them green fees, and a lot more often than if I had to rent a cart, and hopefully for a lot more years.

“Thank you for your great invention and service.”

Oakley Smith, Dayton Ohio USA

We have ebikes available in Europe, UK, Canada, and Australia

“Thank you for this product. It is perfect. I am well known at my local municipal golf course and everyone stops me to talk about it. The installation was easy and the bag carrier works perfectly. I also shot my all-time lowest score my first round out on the bike! It’s a winner!

“I am glad you made it so it could be mounted on either side because I have a knee issue that makes it easier for me to get on and off on the right side. In fact, I like being able to get smooth exercise while playing golf. Walking is too difficult, and sitting in a soft seat on a cart is not exercise. The ebike is a perfect in-between option.

“There are five Aurora City courses, and I ride my bike to and from the closest one which is a convenient way to get in a quick 9 or 18 holes. It saves time, is great for the environment and is the best way to squeeze in a quick round after work. I think this will change the way people play golf. Well done.”

David Capece, Aurora Colorado USA


“I have a Lectric XP 2.0 (non-step through) that I use when golfing. I understand that it isn’t ideal for golf because of the high mid-bar. A step-thru would be better. But this is the bike I have, and I am loving using it for golf. I just lean the bike over toward me to effectively lower the bar, and step over it. I am young and flexible enough to make that work. But if I was buying a new bike, I would definitely get a step-thru.

“I don’t feel the weight of the bag while riding. The bag carrier as kick stand is easy to use and keeps the bike solid It is easily removed when I’m not riding on the golf course.

“I get positive comments all the time. I’ve used it at probably 15 different courses in Washington and there are always people coming up and asking me about it. Some take pictures. It is fun to show them how it works.

“Because ebikes can be used both on and off the course, I think ebikes for golf have a huge market potential Congratulations on a great product.”

Jeff Ceruti, Washington USA

“I love that I can put it on PAS 1 or 2 and pedal myself around the course and play golf while getting exercise. It really is the best of both worlds because I can use just the throttle if I’m tired or pedal and get a good workout when I want to! It speeds up the game because I can ride straight to my ball and take my shot.”

“I just wanted to let you know my first impressions about the Golf Ebike and your bag carrier attachment.

In a couple of words, it is Totally Awesome!. If you look up the definition of “bad ass” in the dictionary, this ebike and the Divnick Golf Bag Carrier would be one of the pictorial examples. LOL

My first time out I was able to play 10 holes. I had several people ask me about the setup at the course. Even riding to/from the course I had a couple of people ask me to stop for a couple of questions.

Installing the carrier was fairly straight forward. I started out using the under-plate clamp method but ended up drilling holes in the rack which is even more secure.

This is probably the best money I’ve ever spent on anything that is golf related.”

Rex Markum, Texas, USAGolf

Alternate Applications

Many of our customers are using our Bag Carriers on bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles just to transport their clubs to-and-from the golf course. Others have adapted the Carrier to fat-tire scooters that they use on the golf course The Quick-Attach feature and the tilt-out kick stan make it great for any 2-wheeled device.

One of our customers adapted it to his 3-wheeled recumbent ebike (below) that he rides to the golf course, and on the golf course!

It can be adapted to any type of bike with a rear rack or a way to mount our main bracket. 

As you can see from some of the photos above, the Bag Carrier is being adapted for other things like carrying skis, for disc golf, and trap shooting.  Because ebikes are so versatile, the Bag Carrier with the kick-stand feature can be adapted for just about anything you can imagine. 

Below are some  photos from a recent golf outing in Cincinnati Ohio with some of the city’s sports celebrities in attendance.

If you are connected to any charity golf outings, please let them know that they can offer our Heybike and Golf Bag Carrier as a Hole-In-One Contest prize at no cost to the outing.  You can refer them to

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