Note: This is an extended report from one of our first customers, Terry Sutton

I wanted to share some more details about why I chose your Golf Ebike and why, in combination with your bag carrier, I agree that it has a good chance of changing the game of golf as we know it.

By way of background, I am 55 years old, have been playing golf for about 20 years, and am currently a 7.8 handicap.

“It is not only much faster to play golf when I can ride straight to my own shot, it is much more fun. I like that I can get as much exercise as I want with my ebike without any fatigue that affects my game.

Installation of the bag carrier took about 30 minutes…was very straightforward. I drilled holes in my rack as in your instructions, and bolted your main bracket to it. I can’t feel the weight of the clubs as I ride which I was curious about. It is so well balanced that it is very easy to tilt the bag out into the kick stand position as I get off my bike…all in one motion, yet it hugs the rubber bumper even when I turn left and the bike leans over.  Ingenious!  It is very stable, even on slopes.

Some people ask if a non-folding bike would be better for golf. Not only would that require a hitch rack, a pickup, or some other way to haul it, my research showed that folding bikes have lower step-thru’s. Non-folding bikes have a higher mid-bar so they aren’t nearly as convenient for golf. The way the Golf Ebike locks makes it as solid as a welded frame.

Your Golf Ebikes are  clearly the best ebikes for golf. I researched all of the 20 inch step-thru fat tire bikes, and none of the others have all of the features that are needed for golf. Some have only 3 inch wide tires, or short fenders (if any), a flimsy rack, and most have low amp hour batteries. Not only does yours have all the basic requirements for golf, it has a powerful 15 amp hour battery, a comfortable suspension seat, and mag wheels, so no spokes that ever get loose or need adjusting. It also has some road-riding safety features include front and rear lights, a flashing brake light, and a loud horn. 

When I was researching ebikes, the one that comes the closest to these features is the Bagi Bike B10 that sells for over$2,000 plus $99 for shipping. It has a light-duty bolt-on rack. I got my Golf Ebike for half that cost including shipping! It’s not only the best ebike for golf, it is at a very low cost.

Terry Sutton, Maryland (55 years old, 7.8 Handicap)

The quick attach bag carrier is really cool. Even though there are no bolts or pins, it stays in place while riding with no rattling, and is solid as the kick stand. I can remove the carrier frame in a second or two when I am done playing and ready to load into my car.

My Golf Ebike is easy to fold and I transport it in the back seat of my small BMW convertible.

I have played many rounds of golf with my Golf Ebike , and it lives up to its reputation. It is smooth and powerful. I could not be more pleased with my ebike. It is solidly built with quality components.