Golf Course Participation

This page discusses three topics about Golf Course Participation.

  1. How many golf courses welcome or allow ebikes?
  2. Golf courses purchasing ebikes to rent out to their golfers, and
  3. How to approach golf courses that don’t already know about ebikes?

Ebikes open up a new opportunity for golf courses with NEW REVENUE in the form of rental income and from new golfers bringing their own ebikes to the course paying green fees. Ebikes are attracting new young golfers because of the fitness attraction, and keeping older golfers playing more years…both generating revenue to golf courses. That is why many golf courses are already eagerly welcoming ebikes on their courses.

Natural Resistance to Change – Of course, any time something new comes along, there is natural resistance. When noisy gasoline golf carts were introduced in the 1930’s, they were an abomination to golf which was played by men in suits while caddies carried their clubs. But over time, carts became the norm.

Because ebikes are proliferating outside of golf, and because they are so perfect for golf, they will become common very quickly. We are hoping all golf courses will embrace this great new technology and take advantage of the new revenue it offers.

This page will address the common concerns and questions that golf courses have including revenue, impact on the turf, safety, liability, and maintenance.

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If you are intested in purchasing 2 or more ebikes to rent to your golfers, please contact
Steve Divnick directly at 
or by calling 937-384-0003 (Eastern USA)

Ebikes are a new phenomenon…new technology. They are proliferating around the world and prices are exceptionally low. Our Heybike Rangers are only $1,399 and the closest comparison in terms of features is the Bagibike B10 Plus at $2,495.

“We need to make sure that we’re attracting and growing new fans. We are doubling down on our commitment to technology and innovation.”

Joe Arcuri, PGA Tour CMO

Consider this ebike response from one of the golf courses that participated in our beta testing.

“Playing 18-holes on your ebike put a big smile on my face. I want 8 of them for our golf course. I like that they speed up the game, offer as much exercise as a golfer wants, and are just plain fun. From a revenue point of view, I think they will attract new young golfers and keep older golfers playing more years. This will not only be good for our golf course, I think it will have a positive impact on the entire golf industry. Well done.”

Richard Denny, PGA Golf Professional, Jamaica Run Golf Club, Germantown OH

Increased Golf Course Revenue

Ebikes will increase golf course revenue a number of ways.

  • They will attract new younger golfers who will not only generate new green fees, they will get range balls, buy food, and spend money in the pro shop.
  • Since ebikes also provide exercise, they will keep older golfers playing and paying more years.
  • As more golfers start using ebikes, it will speed up the rounds allowing golf courses to sell more tee times
  • Golf courses will want to get some ebikes to rent out which will accomplish all of the above…plus generate rental revenue.

“With creativity and innovation, golf courses can thrive.
Welcome to the new world order of golf.”

Joseph Mentone
Golf Course Industry Report

A local golf course in Ohio that rents out single-rider devices estimates that it has brought 870 NEW golfers to its course and that the gained revenue from green fees, and food and beverage totaled $55,000 last year. As those kind of numbers become better known to the golf industry, it will generate wide-spread adoption of ebikes.

As reported on the Single-Rider Page, in spite of the “Covid Bounce” the golf industry is in a 20 year decline, has closed over 1200 courses, and lost 22% of its regular players. The industry knows it must speed up the game to survive, not to mention expand with new young players. Ebikes will do both. They will attract new young players, generate new revenue and keep older players paying more years.

How Much To Charge?

If you get ebikes to rent, you can charge at least the same as for a golf cart. Some courses charge a premium. We are in favor of whatever your market will support. Because they are so inexpensive, whatever rate you charge will quickly pay for them.

How much do you charge golfers who bring their own ebike? Some courses treat golf ebikes like motorized bag carts and only charge a standard walking fee. Others add a “trail fee”. It is a competitive marketplace, and we are finding that most golf courses charge a standard walking fee.

Will golfer-owned ebikes reduce cart revenue? If the only people riding a bike would otherwise rent a cart, then it would reduce cart revenue. But most ebikers come from those who are currently walking. And of course, if you get some ebikes to rent out, they will generate revenue for you.  Also, if we can get everyone in or on their own wheels, it will speed up the entire course and you can sell more rounds per day.

Turf Impact and Safe Riding

A fat tire ebike that weighs 50 to 70 pounds plus 1 rider has far less pounds-per-square-inch impact on the grass than a 1,000 pound 4-tire golf cart with 2 riders. Of course, we also recommend riding in a way that respects the course, using the paths, avoiding soft spots, and carrying sand to fix divots. Golf courses can set their own rules, but most courses are treating ebikes like a bag cart…letting them park next to the green.

With the low-pressure fat floatation tires, ebikes are very safe and stable on wet grass. We have purposefully ridden up, down, and sideways on the steepest wet grass hills we could find without experiencing any slippage. These tires can also safely cross over ridges such as the edge of cart paths, as well as over small rocks on cart paths. Obviously, common sense always applies. For instance, if you are riding up over a cartpath ridge, approach it straight-on rather than at a slight angle.

Our ebikes have front and rear disk brakes, and a flashing brake light for added safety. 

Maintenance and Parts

Ebikes are very easy to work on. Youtube is rich with “How to” ebike content that applies to all ebikes including maintenance, adjustments, fixing flats, and everything else that will ever be needed on a bike. Also, any local bike shop can perform maintenance. There are even growing numbers of mobile ebike repair businesses. There are millions of ebikes already in the country with those numbers growing fast.

Parts: Most ebike components are the same across all manufacturers. Amazon and Ebay are full of parts if any are ever needed, and far less expensive than factory-supplied parts.

LIABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY – One of the concerns often asked about is liability. What if someone has an accident on their ebike on the golf course? Liability and responsibility is not any different than the normal liability rules on the golf courses. The golfer is responsible for any accidents or damage whether walking, riding in a rented cart, or riding his or her own ebike. Because ebikes are new to golf courses, some may still be concerned about liability. We provide a simple liability and responsibility statement you can print and have ready to hand them if it comes up in conversation. We suggest you print it, sign it, and take it with you if you are going to a new golf course and aren’t sure if they welcome ebikes.

GOLF COURSES – For golf courses renting ebikes, we provide a 1-page liability waiver combined with basic operating instructions and safety recommendations.

How to approach golf courses…

If your golf course hasn’t yet seen Ebikes, we invite you to show them yours and let them ride it, or invite them to take a look at our website.

Many golf courses learn about ebikes from the golf media and other forms of publicity. Others hear about the Hole-In-One-Contest for a FREE EBIKE and offer that to their outing organizations. But many learn about it from our customers. To help in that process, we have developed a strategy for the best way to share the information with your local golf coursesThis will continuously be updated as the market develops.

I am optimistic that most, if not all golf courses will quickly accept and welcome ebikes and the many new golfers and revenue that will come with us. With millions of ebikes being manufactured and sold around the world, they are a tide that cannot be held back!

“The game needs modernization to bring in the next generation.”
USA Today

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