Ebike and Golf Bag Carrier Guarantee and Return Policy

The Ebikes are covered by manufacturer’s  Warrantee and Return Policies. 


Heybike’s policies are described on https://www.heybike.com/pages/warranty.  Heybike’s return and refund policy is on https://www.heybike.com/pages/refund-policy

You can purchase 1, 2, or 3 year Accidental Protection Coverage at the time of purchase for the Heybikes.  


Vitilan’s Warrantee is on https://www.vitilanebike.com/pages/warranty and their Return Policy is on https://www.vitilanebike.com/pages/return-refund-policy

As an Authorized Dealer for the bikes we sell, all manufacturer warrantees and benefits are exactly the same as if purchasing directly from the manufacturers, and we follow their return policies. 

Golf Bag Carriers

DivnickGolf is responsible for the Golf Bag Carrier. As with all of our product lines, we guarantee your satisfaction To that end, we want our customers to be fully informed before they purchase a Golf Bag Carrier. They will not work on all ebikes, and not every golf course is accepting ebikes yet. It is important that you know this before you purchase.  Please review each page of this website and the following specific guarantee elements.

Will the Bag Carrier work on your ebike?

This question usually boils down to whether or not your ebike has a rear rack, and if it has a step-thru frame. I will address both issues here in more detail for your review.

Fit – Our universal-fit ebike Golf Bag Carrier will fit on any ebike with a rear rack. However, not all racks are ideal or the same. We have had some customers adapt them to motorcycle, scooters, and recumbent bikes. So if you have an unusual rack design, you might need to use some creativity. Please review the Installation Instructions here before purchasing so that you know it is within your skill set.

Function – If your ebike isn’t a step-thru frame, then you will have to lean it over toward you and step over the bar every time you get on and off. That isn’t a big deal if you are only doing it once or twice, but it might be too difficult between every shot. It would require significant flexibility and athleticism. We have many customers who do not have step-thru’s, but some of them only use their bike to ride to-and-from the course, or they are OK with the difficulty that a high bar requires. You can see an example of a mid-bar bike and lots more valuable information in our FAQ’s.

Golf Course Response

Ebikes for golf is a new adventure. Not all golf courses are ready to allow them…yet. We believe the day will come when all golf courses will have ebikes to rent and will welcome golfers to bring their own ebikes. But our customers need to be aware that not every course is doing that yet. Based on customer feedback, about half the courses are allowing customer-owned ebikes on their courses. Some only charge a walking fee while others charge a “trail fee”. We think that competition will move the industry to a standard of walking fees because bringing our own wheels shouldn’t require a premium when it doesn’t put any more wear and tear on the course than walking, and certainly not any more than a motorized bag cart. Still, as ebikes are in the early stages, our customers need to have a little pioneering spirit. Those of us with ebikes today will be the ones that open up the golf courses for those who will follow later. There is more information about this topic here.

Your Responsibility

You will need to assume responsibility for these aspects as they are known ahead of time. You are responsible for installation and for your conduct on golf courses. Please review the Installation Instructions and all the FAQ’s so that you are fully informed.

Our Responsibility

We are responsible to provide full descriptions and information about our Bag Carriers.  We guarantee that our Bag Carriers will fit on your bike if it meets the above description, are of the highest quality, and they will function as designed and described on this website and on the Instructions Page.  If there are any defects, we will repair or replace as needed.

Return Policy – Based on the above explanations, if the Bag Carrier is unused and doesn’t show any mounting marks on the powder coating around the holes…meaning we can sell it as a new Carrier, we will refund the product cost minus the 5% merchant fee if you purchased with a credit card or PayPal. 

If the Bag Carrier is used or shows marks, but is renewable, there is an additional 15%  fee for us to refurbish it.  If it isn’t renewable, it can’t be returned.

In summary, we want our customers to be fully informed before they purchase. A fully-informed customer is a fully-satisfied customer!

Steve Divnick