Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter Review

This review was conducted for Hiboy Scooters –

My first impression was, “This is a VERY solidly-built scooter.”  Just taking it out of the box was a delight.  I knew it would be a fun ride.

Assembling it was a piece of cake…took about 5 minutes and that included an interrupting phone call.  The instructions are clear and simple.

I like the safety feature of the throttle not powering up the motor unless you push off a little.  This prevents a sudden throttle start before balance is achieved.

I am 73 years old and haven’t ridden a scooter since I was a child. So I wondered how difficult it might be.  But getting on the Hiboy was as natural and easy as could be.  I have ridden it all over my neighborhood without any issues at all. Balance is natural and easy.  The tires handle road-edges very well.  The handle bars provide a solid connection to the scooter base.

After a few straight rides and gentle turns, I tried some slow tight turns and was amazed how easy it was, without ever feeling like I needed to put my foot down.

I also like the large platform…plenty of room for my size 13 feet with great traction…no chance of slipping.

My lifetime 2-wheel experience is on bicycles and motorcycles, most recently introducing ebikes to the golf industry. While our folding bikes make transporting them easy, the Hiboy S2 is even easier to fold and load as it is smaller and lighter.

I can understand how great the Hiboy is for city and campus transportation, or any other type of errand. It is super easy to fold the handlebar stem down and then use it as a handle to carry the scooter like a suitcase. As such, there is no need to chain it up outside when you can so easily take it inside with you.

I also like the lights…both fashionable and for safety.  I will always use the lights while riding, even in daylight, so others can see me.

As an inventor of several unique products, I appreciate the ingenuity and design features of this fine scooter. I congratulate Hiboy on its best-in-class product.

In summary, the Hiboy S2 is a solid, well-designed scooter that provides fun rides and serious transportation for work and school.  In this age of high fuel costs, it can pay for itself in no time at all just from the fuel savings…and no need to pay for parking a car.  If you are looking for the best electric scooter, you can find it on

Steve Divnick, President