Owner’s Manual

A small printed Owners Manual is included in the box with your GolfEbike.

Click here to see the UPDATED Owners Manual which includes some corrections and more detailed instructions. 

Mounting the Bag Carrrier to a GolfEbike

Mounting the Bag Carrier to the GolfEbike is very simple because it has a built-in mounting plate and rubber bumper, doesn’t need a mudguard because it comes wtih an extra long custom front fender, and we know the proper height for the Carrier Frame.  

The attachment instructions are shown in these two pictures.

The next photo includes the instruction to, “…slip the Carrier onto the male hinge-blades.”  That technique is shown in the first video on the Instruction page.

The next picture shows how to attach the Sand Bottle Holder.  We do not supply sand bottles because many golf courses will gladly provide one for you.  But if you want to get your own, you can order them from Amazon or any number of other suppliers.  Golf courses will provide the sand.  Just ask the person in the cart area.

One of the Allen wrenches in the tool kit fits the inclueded bolts.  The nut is 10mm but there isn’t a wrench in the kit for that size. However, you can hold the nut with your fingers, then tighten the bolt with the Allen wrench.

For best results, be sure to review the “Function” part of the Instructions here