RadRunner Mounting Instructions

This is a supplement to the main instruction page showing some specific mounting elements for RadRunners.

We don’t have any control over changes that Rad makes to their rack specifications, so if you discover that these instructions don’t work, please let us know.

Line up the main bracket with the back of your bike rack as shown below. This will allow plenty of clearance between your back and your club heads. The 2 bolt holes in your rack should line up with the 2 holes shown in this picture. Some Rad owners have reported that their holes didn’t line up perfectly which might happen in their rack assembly and welding procedures. If yours don’t line up to allow the bolts to go through, you can enlarge the holes in our bracket. Hopefully you, or a friend will have a drill.

The next picture shows the position for the slot brackets for a RadRunner which should yield about a 4 inch clearance from the bottom to the ground. The Slot Brackets should line up with the top of the Carrier as shown.