Ebikes Currently Available For Golf

This page last updated March 2, 2024

This page assumes that you have already seen our new branded GolfEbikes(TM) described here and why they are the best ebikes for golf. We anticipate they will be ready for shipping in the early Spring and we are taking pre-orders now (no deposit or card is necessary).

If you are not able to wait and want an ebike immediately, we are authorized dealers of 4 ebikes that work very well for golf that we have been selling since we launched the Golf Bag Carrier.  They are available and shipping immediately.

  • Three of them are  folding models with 20×4 inch fat tires, which is the most popular size for golf.  The Heybike Ranger has a 500 watt motor. The Ranger S and the Vitilan U7 have 750 watt motors along with some additional upgrades. 
  • The fourth is the Heybike Explore which is a non-folding model with 26×4 inch tires for those  who can ride to the course or transport the ebike in a van, pickup, or on a hitch rack. The Explore is described here.

All four of these ebikes have step-thru frames, fat tires,  strong rear racks, and full fenders, .  Of course, our Universal Golf Bag Carrier fits on all of them.  

Of these, the Vitilan U7 is the best for golf, and is the easiest one on which to mount our Golf Bag Carrier. So the rest of this page focusses on the U7.

Vitilan U7’s are also available in Canada, Europe, and Australia.


You can learn additional details about these ebikes on their respective factory websites by clicking the links above, but please place your order from this website.  As factory authorized dealers, we match factory sales prices and all warrantees apply.  Ordering from us povides US-based English-first customer service.

The folding frames make it easy to transport your bike as illustrated in these pictures in a Honda Civic trunk and in the back seat of a small convertible. The folding technology is rock-solid, and provides a lower step-thru than non-folding bikes. 


How does the Vitilan U7 compare to the new GolfEbike?

To be sure, the Vitilan is a great ebike.  We have sold many of them around the world.  But they are not designed for golf, and it is not nearly as heavy-duty.

GolfEbike have a heavier duty frame, a longer and stronger welded rear rack with a built in bag carrier mount, a bag carrier bumper-stop on the frame, a sand bottle holder, golf course-approved*** motorcycle tread tires, wider handlebars, much larger step-thru space, 7 levels of pedal assist, an 11-34 tooth gear set for a lower low gear and a higher high gear, fully independent throttle so you can accelerate beyond the PAS limit any time, a wider seat with a better suspension post, a much longer front fender so you don’t need a rubber mudguard, a larger brighter headlight, flashing brake lights, a larger bottle holder, and much more.

The downside is that the GolfEbikes are not available for shipping yet.  But we didn’t want you to purchase a Vitilan, as good as it is, and then find out that you could have had a much better bike if you had waited a little while.

***As ebikes become more and more popular on golf courses, we believe golf courses will adopt minimum requirements that will include “no knobbies” which would eliminate all other fat tire ebikes.

Vitilan U7 Color Options

The U7 is available in black, white, or pink as shown here.

The Ranger is available in black or white.  

The Ranger S is available in Red, Blue, Sand, or Grey