Prices and Ordering

If you already have an ebike, CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE  the Bag Carrier separately marked down from $249 to $219 in July.

If you are ordering an Ebike for golf, please order both the Ebike and Bag Carrier together from this website so we can give you the  additional $50 Discount Coupon described below!   Please do not order the ebike from the factory website.  Since we are an authorized dealer, you will receive all the same benefits and warrantees from us, plus US-based communication and service.   

*** We match any current special prices or free accessories offered on the factory websites.
Just mention it when you place your order. ***


SHIPPING – The ebikes are Shipped Free to the Lower 48 States in July directly from the ebike warehouse. The Bag Carriers are shipped from our factory in Ohio for our standard flat shipping rate of $15.97 to the Lower 48 States of the USA .  If you are outside the Lower 48, please let us know your shipping address and we will quote the shipping cost prior to your order.  WE SHIP EBIKES INTERNATIONALLY TOO!  See the “International” box further down this page.

New!   Vitilan U7’s now come with a whopping 20Amp Hour Samsung Battery…a $300 upgrade!!!

750 WATT VITILAN U7 DELUXE EBIKE – CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE  – $1,299 with a 20 Ah Samsung battery
(Plus $150 to Canada, see the International box below for other countries) This includes a  FREE Front Rack and Combination Lock in July while the supply lasts.
You can purchase a Bag Carrier at the same time, and get the $50 discount coupon described below.

You can purchase a Bag Carrier at the same time, and get the $50 discount described below.

We don’t have this model on our order page yet. Please contact us if you want to order a Ranger S.

You can purchase a Bag Carrier at the same time, and get the $50 discount described below.

OTHER MODEL EBIKES – CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE – You can read about the other models here (not for golf).

Marked down in July from $249 to $219
BONUS – If you purchase one of these ebikes and bag carriers in July we will give you a $50 discount coupon toward the purchase of any of our telescopic golf clubs purchased any time within a year.

Details – The bag carrier fits on most* ebikes with a rear rack, with 20 inch or taller wheels. The kit includes the Bag Carrier Frame, Mounting Brackets and hardware to secure to your bike rack, and a rubber bumper that keeps the Bag Carrier from touching your brake assembly.  *If you have any questions about whether or not it will fit on your ebike, please review the Installation Instructions and take a look at some of the customer-installations in the Gallery.  The cost is marked down this month from $249 to $219 +$10 for the Diamond Plate Rubber Mudguard which is strongly recommended as described next.

The durable 1/8 inch thick Diamond Plate pattern Rubber Mudguard  is optional  for $10 in July when purchased with the Bag Carrier Kit.  It is normally $20. It fits on fat-tire ebikes with FULL front fenders. We highly recommended the mudguard so you don’t “take the golf course home with you!” 

Click on the picture to see how important it is.  

You can see all these parts on the Instruction Page


We have Vitilan U7’s in Canada, Australia, and Europe and can usually deliver within a week.  The prices vary depending on your location. We can also ship them to other countries.  Please inquire with your full shipping address.

NOTE: These are 750 watt ebikes.  Many countries restrict road riding to 250 or 350 watts..  So if you purchase a U7, it would be for off-road use only, such as on the golf course.  250 to 350 watt ebikes are generally not powerful enough to overcome the resistance of fat tires on soft turf, especially if there are hills.  You are responsible for all applicable local ebike rules and laws.

Divnick Golf Bag Carrier – Patent Pending