Customer Referral Commissions

We know that our customers enjoy showing and demonstrating their ebike and bag carrier to other golfers. In fact, everyone who sees you on the course will want to take a closer look. But as an incentive to spread the word more actively, we are offering a $100 commission for every “Ranger Ebike and Bag Carrier” sale that you refer during this introductory year.

You can just refer the people who ask you about your ebike, you can send emails to your golfing friends, or any number of other directed efforts, including how to approach local golf courses. This page will cover the options from fairly passive to very aggressive approaches.

We have prepared some “tools” to make this as easy as possible.

Printable Referral Handout

We provide printable “Referral Handouts” as shown below.  There are 3-per-page on

As you can see, they are larger than a business card so are less likely to be overlooked by the person you hand them to. Please check this link from time to time so you are always printing the latest version. Print your name in legible capital letters on the “Referred by” line, or let us know if you want to receive a Word doc of the handout so you can type your name on the line before you print it. We have observed that many people to whom you show your bike will like it and express interest, but the handout makes it easy for them to remember how to place the order when they get home, AND to list your name as the one who referred them. When they place an order on our website, the form has a required field asking who referred them.

See below for suggested wording for emails, golf courses, and other approaches.

Qualifications and Registration

To qualify for Referral Commissions, you have to have an ebike and your own Golf Bag Carrier. It is OK if your ebike is a different brand than the ones we sell. But the commissions are only generated when you referred purchases from us. You must REGISTER YOUR INTENT TO PARTICIPATE BEFORE YOU START REFERRING with an email to that says, “I want to participate in Ebike Customer Referral Commissions.” By doing this, you are opting in to receiving communications from us with updates and the most effective referral strategies being used by other customers.

Commission Amounts

We will pay $100 commission for each “Ranger or Explore ebike and Bag Carrier” sale you refer from a new customer. If you refer the sale of a bike-only (to someone who doesn’t use it for golf so they don’t need a Bag Carrier), that generates a $50 commission. These amounts apply to Heybike Rangers or Explores. Lesser amounts are available for other Heybike models.


This is limited to one commission per NEW referred customer even if they purchase multiple ebikes. Each NEW customer has to place the order themselves, it can’t be one person ordering multiple ebikes for a group, or you ordering for them. The commission is limited to your “personal referrals” when they tell us that you referred them. It does not apply to secondary sales that result from the exposure of the bikes you referred, or additional ebikes you purchase. It applies only to NEW sales.

Even though you don’t receive secondary commissions, we encourage you to tell your prospects about how they can also earn $100 commissions which will help motivate them to purchase their own ebike, knowing they can earn the cost back..

This Referral Commission Program is subject to change. We will provide notice of changes, if any, to Registered Participants, with as much notice as possible.

Commission Timing

We will pay the commissions to you by the 5th of each month for the preceding month’s referral commissions via PayPal. Or we can apply your commission(s) to ebike or golf club purchases…your choice. Please let us know your PayPal account ID.

Register Before You Start

Remember, to kick this off, you must have an ebike and Bag Carrier, or at least have one on order, before you start referring customers, and you must register by letting us know that you are going to participate with an email to

Feel free to ask any questions.

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