Welcome Wisco Golf Addicts!

Ebikes are the most fun way to play golf, speed up the game, and let you get as much exercise as you desire…or as little since you can use all throttle and ride them like a scooter!

They are easy to ride, fun and safe.  You can ride them to and from the course, or fold them and fit them into your trunk!

I invite you to start on the Home Page, watch the first video, than browse the website to learn all about our ebikes…or if you already have an ebike, you can  turn it into a golf ebike with our universal-fit “Golf Bag Carrier” kit. 

We are offering a free Bonus exclusively for Wisco readers.

If you place your order in July we will give you a FREE diamond plate rubber Mudguard!

It will fit on any ebike with a full front fender and will keep wet grass off your feet and bike.

Just enter “WISCO” (all caps) in the Referral Box as shown here.

We look forward to serving you.

The Golf Ebikes Team